Personal details

My name is Troels Henriksen, I’m a hacker from Denmark. Computing is my primary passion, and I study it at home as well as at the University of Copenhagen, where I work as a postdoctoral researcher.

My email address is and my public key is available here.

I care a lot about free software, and I believe that the right to inspect the software that administers an increasing part of our society is of critical importance to the future. In my mind, there is little difference between secret source code and secret laws, and both are black marks on the society that harbors them. I am not, however, militant in my beliefs, and I see little value in endless bickering, so I mostly exercise my beliefs through writing of free code as my own, as well as refusing to run non-free code on my own systems.

I am also highly idealistic about technical matters, and the construction of this web site used to be an investigation into the feasibility of the Unix “tools” approach, in which simple and highly specialised programs are glued together (usually with shell script) to achieve the desired functionality. I am mostly interested in this approach because it promises great robustness due to the simplicity of the resulting component programs; simplicity having long been seen as the key to reliable engineering outside as well as inside the computing industry. After much experimentation, I no longer think current shell scripting is appropriate for anything other than very simple glue, but perhaps a more effective language for program composition could be devised. I still have a strong interest in conceptual simplicity.