Minor scripts and hacks

I put minor hacks and scripts here. Some may be of use to others but me, but I expect that the majority will only be of educational or entertainment value. More fleshed-out instructive programs are in a different section.

Many of the scripts are written in rc, the command shell from the Plan 9 operating system. It is similar to classic POSIX bourne shell script, but significantly simplified and, in my opinion, improved. Should you wish to run them, you will need a port of rc to your platform. I personally use 9base, a port of many of the standard Plan 9 tools to the POSIX environment by the gentlemen and scholars at suckless.org. Beware: the reimplementation of rc for Unix by Byron Rakitzis is incompatible in many fundamental and seemingly arbitrary ways, for example by using else instead of if not as in Plan 9 rc. Sadly, this is the version you will get if you merely install the rc package in Debian. Install the 9base package instead, and add /usr/lib/plan9/bin to your path. Also read this guide to setting up Plan 9 userland tools.