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Welcome to my website. My name is Troels Henriksen, and I am a Danish hacker (more about me) and general enthusiast in all matters computing. I am presently working as assistant professor at DIKU, the computing department at the University of Copenhagen, where I do research into optimising compilers for data-parallel languages. Concretely, I am working on the Futhark language and compiler.

On this site I present programs I have written, my configuration files, and minor scripts that may of some amusement to others. I also have a blog, which I may update from time to time. I tend to create categories before content (mirroring my interest in type theory), so parts of the site may seem skeletal. Please excuse any pompous introductions for folders containing naught but a five-line shell script.

For those curious about technical details, this site is statically generated via the nifty Hakyll framework, although it used to be written in shell script via the pretty good werc anti-framework. The source code is available here.