List of times I took the airplane

Air traffic is a significant contributor to global warming. Unfortunately, I have a career where I have to fly often (to attend conferences), and I do not have the willpower to force through much change on my own. All I can do is take the train or bus when viable, and make a semi-exhibitionist log of all my journeys by plane, as is seen below. Some of these trips have been longer due to stopovers, but I’m just listing the idealised flight distance.

2001 (4404km)

2011 (1530km)

2012 (1530km)

2013 (11776km)

2014 (19635km)

2015 (1530km)

2016 (53654km)

2017 (9050km)

2018 (13692km)

2019 (17480km)

2020 (1244km)

2022 (18262km)